Fall classes will begin for Auburn Bible Institute on Friday September 19th and on Sunday September 21st. The courses offered will be Manuscript Evidence II and Baptist Doctrine I. The classes will  be approximately an hour in length. Sessions will run until December with Final exams given for both courses. The textbooks can be purchased in our bookstore.
There is no charge for these courses. I believe it is the responsibility of the local church to provide sound biblical teaching and instruction as to prepare students for their life ahead as  Christians and for ministry in the local church setting.
Manuscript Evidence II
This course is important because what we believe about the Bible will determine what we believe about other doctrines. This is because doctrine/our faith is based on the Bible as our only authority in all matters of faith and practice.
The objectives of this course are to show:
·         The student a general history of the Bible as it came from God to man
·         The student the basics of lower (textual) criticism by examining the theories that are advanced today
·         The student the issues facing them today concerning the various Bible versions
·         The student that they can have confidence in Authorized, King James Versions as the preserved word of God
·         The student how to have a firm grasp on the doctrine of the Preservation of the word of God
Landmarks of Baptist Doctrine I
This is a first in a series of four courses offered for this subject. The objective of these courses will be to introduce the student to field of systematic theology and give a general understanding of the major doctrines of the Bible.
The objectives of this course are to show:
·         The student how to use the Bible through sound understanding of basic doctrine
·         The student how to have greater love for Christ, win the lost and evangelism's need from a doctrinal standpoint
·         The student that preparation in this area leads to a preparation in ministry of the Bible
·         The student that laying the groundwork in this area leads to a continuing theological interest in the Bible.

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